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Monday, October 15, 2018
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 Projector Screen Size and Brightness Calculators
Calculating image (screen) size depends on many factors: projector type, lens size, aperture width, and throw distance.  If you have this information, the mathematical calculation is fairly simple:

D x A      
------------  = W

where "D" is throw distance, "A" is aperture width, "F" is focal length of the lens, and "W" is the screen width.

The problem is, of course, most people don't have all this information because the manufacturers don't provide it.  So, what do you do?

Well, for basic set-ups with basic projectors, you can use this easy estimate:

Image (screen) width = 1/2 throw distance.

This means a  6' wide image will require your projector to be 12' away from the screen.

While this might be fine for small screens, it is usually unacceptable for larger ones.  If your event requires a 9' x 16' projection screen, you most likely won't have 32' of space to waste either behind the screen or in front of the audience.

This is where A/V & More comes in.  We have projectors, screens, lenses, and expertise to make your big screen needs fit into small spaces.  We can fill that same screen from behind in as little as 13', or shoot over your audience's heads from ten times that distance.

And don't forget to download our free Brightness Calculator so you can decide how many lumens your event requires.

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